Two-Hour Interactive Masterclass

Join me and Christopher Oill for this live two-hour masterclass on October 11th.

Step-by-Step Training

Christopher we'll walk you through his story-based composing process.

Practical Ideas

You'll put it all into use right away in the session so you know exactly how it works.

Build Connections

After the training, we'll meet on Zoom for more practice as a community and followup questions.

I’ll be your host and I’ll be with you live for the whole masterclass to make sure you have a great experience. If we haven’t met yet, you can find out more about me here.

Our special guest is Christopher Oill, a wonderful composer and piano teacher. You can find out more about Christopher on his website here. In the masterclass we’ll be using his step-by-step composing process that he has presented on at NCKP and several other conferences.

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Here’s the quick rundown of how this two-hour workshop will look.
  • 50-minute presentation with live Q&A (webinar style)
  • 10-minute break to switch to Zoom
  • Zoom huddle session with other attendees
  • Final questions with Christopher and Nicola
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