FAQs about Vibrant Music Teaching membership

How much is it?

  • The current price is $27 per month or $270 annually. If you join at this price it will never change for you, even if the fees for new members go up.

Can I cancel at any time?

  • Yes, you can do this yourself within the account management. If you cancel, you won’t be charged for the following month/year.

Are there still free games on your site?

  • Yes, and those aren’t going anywhere. What you don’t get for free is the organisation so you can actually make the best use of the games and activities. You also won’t get the premium games that are added each month, the Facebook group, or the opportunity to make requests.

What currency are the payments made in?

  • All prices are quoted and charged in US dollars.

I use fixed do solfege, will that be an issue?

  • No problem! We have created a separate solfege version of the pdf for fixed do solfege teachers on games where this is necessary.

I use US music terms (such as quarter notes) is it still suitable?

  • Yes. Whenever there is a difference in terminology, I always make two versions.

What about printing on letter sized paper?

  • The pdfs are provided on A4 sized paper, however they are all designed to work well on letter paper if you just tick the “fit to page” option when printing.

What ages are the games suited to?

  • Many of the graphics are not very “kiddy” so you can use them for any age. Most teachers find them most useful for kids under 13, but many also use games with their adult students with great success!

Will this help me with preschool piano teaching?

  • Absolutely. Teaching preschoolers is one of my specialities. In fact, we have a course that will walk you through a whole year of lessons with a new preschool piano student.

What levels do the activities cover?

  • The range is truly all the way from newbie preschoolers (think key names and finger numbers), up to late intermediate concepts like interval qualities, chord inversions and Roman numeral analysis.

If you’re ready to jump in after reading these FAQs, you can purchase membership on this page and get started inside the library right away.