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This but-the-pieces plan will take your students on a journey to discover each minor key through improvisation. Each lesson week is designed to take about 20 minutes so you can use it alongside repertoire or any other work your student is doing. (Of course, the 20 minutes is just an estimate and many teachers prefer to take longer to explore the material.)

This set of plans assumes your student already knows all 12 major scales. If they do not, I suggest going on a Circle of Fifths Odyssey with them and coming back to this course later.

Throughout this journey, we’ll only be using natural minor scales. In my experience, students who really understand the major/minor relationship through the natural minor have no trouble doing melodic and harmonic scales later. However, students who meet all the types of minor scales too soon can end up confused and see them as yet more scales to memorise instead of a logical pattern taken from the major. If you have a student who is curious or has previous experience with other minors, feel free to elaborate with them. Otherwise save it for later!