Creative Kickstart for Teens & Adults

This lesson plan is perfect for any new adult or teen student. Expect to move more slowly through these plans with tweens and older adults who will need more time to pick up the physical skills needed to play these pieces. Older teens and young adults will often move faster through this material, although every student is different.

Each segment of the lesson is designed to last about 5 minutes, taking the total up to 45 minutes. If you would prefer to teach shorter lessons you can choose whether to move through the activities at a faster pace or to remove some of the activities. I do not recommend cutting out the rote piece review, as the student will need this spaced repetition to feel confident practising the piece. Instead, teach shorter sections and split each piece up over several weeks if you need to reduce the lesson time.

One of the main components of these lessons is the rote pieces. We cover one rote piece each week, but don’t feel like you have to move that quickly. Go at your own student’s pace and make sure they feel competent and confident with the material at all times. There are listening tracks and videos to help with the practice of these pieces between lessons. I recommend assigning the listening tracks to your student as part of their “official” homework, but only have them look up the reminder videos when they feel they need extra help. These are listed on YouTube to make them easy for students to find them.