Curriculum Checkpoints

As music studio teachers, we’re continually trying to balance all the different areas that our students need to study to have the best chance at being well-rounded musicians. The idea of having “curriculum checkpoints” is simply a structured way to periodically evaluate whether our students are on the right track, and to help us balance the different areas of their studies.

What You’ll Learn in This Course

In this course, you’ll learn how to use my own Curriculum Checkpoints resource and how to start tailoring the targets to fit your own studio goals.

Share Generously

Part of engaging with this course is sharing your findings, results and realisations in the forums as you go. Don’t skip this part. 

Writing down what you’ve discovered and sharing it on the site helps you to consolidate and commit to what you’re learning. The more you connect and take part here, the more you and other members will get out of the course. This is a community and we’re stronger and better together.

So please, comment and reply generously as you work through the course.