Foundations of Piano Teaching

This course is designed for anyone who feels like they need to make sure the foundations of their teaching are rock-solid. 

It’s perfect for new teachers but it’s also a great antidote to imposter syndrome or feeling like you just don’t know what you don’t know. If you want to make sure you have all your pedagogical bases covered, this course will do that.

Course Structure

The course is split up into 4 modules. In the first module we cover all the different components of great lessons which I call the “elements”. Then in module 2 we plan how to put these elements together and in module 3 we put everything into action. The last module is all about your next steps after this course.

Tips for Success

Enter with an Open Mind

Go into this course with a blank slate in your head. Don’t think about how music lessons should look or what your own lessons were like. Consider every possibility I offer you and only dismiss it if you’ve tried it and given it a fair shake.

Participate Fully

I guarantee you will make progress if you fully participate in this course, but not if you just watch the videos passively. 

  • Start a Music Journey Journal to take notes about what you’re learning and questions which come up for you.
  • Do the quizzes in each lesson.
  • Watch the videos and read the text. Doing both will help you digest the information.
  • Ask questions in the Community. You will learn so much from other teachers’ perspectives.
  • Take your time and explore more. It’s totally fine if it takes you a week to do one lesson because you were inspired to dive deeper. Just come back when you’re ready. 😀

Grab Some Guinea Pigs

To truly maximise the benefit of this course, it would be great to have some guinea pig students to try the ideas on as you go. If you don’t have your own students yet, see if you can rope in a friend or family member to be your test subject.