Interval Immersion

This ‘But-the-Pieces’ lesson plan is designed to help your students improve their knowledge and practical use of intervals in just 9 weeks. This is a great fit for any student who needs to reboot their reading skills, such as students transferring from a note name-focussed method, or for any student who needs extra interval reinforcement outside of their repertoire.

Follow these lesson plans and, after 9 weeks, your students will have the ability to play and recognise intervals of up to an octave. Each week works on a particular interval through improvisation, a game and a composing exercise so that they get a practical sense of how the intervals feel on the piano while learning to identify them in written notation.

The last task each week is a short composing prompt which you’ll find at the end of this PDF. I recommend starting these with your student at the lesson, using the improvisation you just did as the starting point. Have your student do as much of the writing here as possible, depending on their age, and assign some part of it for homework only after your student has gained confidence with this at the lesson with you.

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