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Vibrant Music Teachers are the most dedicated teachers on the planet. They are all committed to delivering excellent music education with a fun and creative style.

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Address10973-75 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta
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Age groups
  • Young beginners (3-5 year olds)
  • Children ages 6+
  • Adult students
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I have been teaching in the McKernan/Belgravia area for 25 years. My students experience a nurturing, positive learning environment where creativity is fostered. Above all however, I emphasize a solid technical foundation, as well as a thorough exposure to music of the classical masters. Theory concepts are reinforced through games and an approach to learning through fun loving curiosity. My students are regular award winners in their Royal Conservatory and Conservatory Canada exams. But most importantly, they are well rounded musicians with a deepened love for music. I am grateful and daily privileged that I can give this gift to children in a complex and ever changing world.