Five Foundations of Successful Preschool Piano Teaching bonuses bonuses

Bonus 1: Your Certificate of Professional Development

Click here and fill in this form to get a certificate to say you completed this training today. It's important to keep track of all the work you're putting in to improve your studio and become a better teacher for your students.

Bonus 2: Dogs and Frogs

Dogs and Frogs in preschool piano lessons

These little cards are a great way to get your preschoolers started with keyboard geography. Click here to download Dogs and Frogs.

Bonus 3: Preschool Fingerplays

Preschool Fingerplays

Preschoolers need to work on finger dexterity gradually, in a way that's fun and these little rhymes are great for that. Click here to download the Preschool Fingerplays.

Bonus 4: Musical Alphabet Memory

musical alphabet memory music theory game

This is a simple and fun game for working on piano key names with your youngest students. Click here to download Musical Alphabet Memory.

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