How to Switch Your Students to Buddy, Partner or Overlapping Lessons workshop bonuses

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Bonus 1: Buddy Lesson Logistics Cheatsheet

VMT Buddy lesson logistics cheatsheet

This cheatsheet will take you through the business side of implementing buddy lessons, from informing parents to setting your fees. Click here to download the notes.

Bonus 2: 6 Wk Chord Teaching Plan for Buddies – Wks 1 & 2


The first two weeks of my 6 week chord crash course – completely free! Plus you’ll also see the overview of the 6 week process to get a feel for how this takes students from chord zero to chord hero.  Click here to download the sheet.

Bonus 3: Don’t Minor My Major

Don't minor my major music theory game

This is a fun game for practising finding major and minor chords, and the relationship between them. Click here to download.

Bonus 4: Inversion Diversions

Inversion diversions music theory game
Inversion Diversions is perfect for figuring out those pesky inversions, away from the piano! Seeing the patterns in this way makes a huge difference to students’ understanding.  Click here to download.

Bonus 5: Buddy Lesson in Action

There are tons of videos of buddy time in action in the library – this is just a taste of the fun we have.

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