How to teach piano to preschoolers: Playful Preschool Piano Teaching

Finally, a how-to guide for teaching piano to preschoolers that is not aligned to one specific method book series!

Playful Preschool Piano Teaching draws upon Nicola Cantan's years of experience with 3–5 year old piano students to bring you this practical and thoughtful handbook for teaching wee ones.

Playful Preschool Piano Teaching book

Learn how to teach piano to preschoolers in a way that is developmentally appropriate and fun for both you and your students. Ask your local bookstore/musicstore to order Playful Preschool Piano Teaching or pick it up online using one of the links below.

What Piano Teachers Are Saying

Glory St. Germain

“This must-read by the great educator Nicola Cantan is a masterful insight into creative, engaging and fun teaching techniques! 14 inspiring, empowering and time-saving tips for successfully teaching ‘toofpranie’ lessons with preschoolers (and children of all ages).”

Glory St. Germain

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