Bird’s Eye View

Watch this video for a whistle-stop tour around all the main areas of the VMT universe.

You don’t have to remember where all the stuff is right away! We’re going to be going through each of these wonderful VMT features so you can get acclimatised and feel like a true VMT flamingo, right to your core.

There’s only one thing you have to do RIGHT NOW.

You need to schedule a time for your professional development. Because it simply does not matter how many fabulous resources we have to offer you if you don’t find the time to use them!

Much like the advice I give my students’ parents when it comes to scheduling their practice, this will depend on your situation and normal routines. Here are a few examples that have worked well for other members:

  • Monday mornings at 9:30 am when I get back from dropping the kids to school.
  • Wednesdays at 7 am – after my Crossfit class and before everyone else in the house wakes up!
  • 5 minutes every day while my lunch is heating up.

A specific time of day won’t work for everyone. Sometimes it’s better to pick an activity that’s already part of your daily or weekly routine to tie your VMT time to.

Your VMT Habit Commitment

  • You can write this in whatever way makes sense, using the examples above as guidance.

PS As you go through these introductory lessons make sure to hit the “Complete” button. That way you’ll know where you’re up to. 🙂