Getting started: Note name ninjas

Great stuff, I'm excited to help your students with their note naming skills through games!

Pick one of these that best describes your student, click through to the game and dive in. 🙂

Complete Beginner

If your student is just getting going on the staff I recommend a landmark note based approach.

Landmark Landmines is a really fun game for beginners to work on the landmark notes and how the staff fits together.

Just needs steady practice

Many students need more practice and confidence before speeding up the note naming process.

Double or Nothing is a great one for assessing and improving your students' confidence when it comes to figuring out notes.


Not fast or agile enough

If your student knows the note names but has trouble applying them at the piano, the 60 Second Challenge could totally transform their progress.

60 second challenges

Ledger line confusion

Do you have a student who thinks every ledger line note is a C? Or just freezes once there are more than 2 lines?

Legend of the Ledgers is the perfect antidote as it makes the system behind the lines clear.

Legend of the ledgers