Getting started: Preschool Piano

Wonderful! I adore teaching preschool students and I'm sure you will too.

Whether you're new to preschool piano or have some experience and just want to improve, the best place to start is the Tiny Finger Takeoff.

This is my flagship course for teaching young beginners. It includes 40 weeks of lesson plans spanning aural, rhythm, technique and beginner theory and can be used alongside any method book.

But wait! Before you dive in I want you to make me a promise.

It can be so tempting with courses like this to binge-watch the entire thing, get a bit dizzy and overwhelmed, and then never put it into action. It's much better to find a guinea pig and learn as you go with that student. 

So repeat after me:

"I will not watch/study more than 4 lessons of the Tiny Finger Takeoff without taking action."

You could even just watch 1 lesson and teach the lesson plan straight away. But I know you might want to see where it's going, so I'll allow 4 lessons. Just make sure you get going on the ideas from there. 😉