How to Videos

These videos will walk you through how to use the site and get the most out of the library. Click on the symbol in the bottom right corner of any video to view in full screen mode.


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If you have a question that isn't answered here, feel free to email me.

Getting Started

This video will show you how to use the most important features of the site – the resource libraries.

Printing the Resources

 If you're having any trouble printing the resources in the correct size/format, this is the place to get some tips.

Using the Roadmaps

 How to use the fantastic roadmaps to plan your lessons.

Playing Google Slides games which use animation

Many of the games in the VMT Library have the option to play on the screen using Google Slides. For Google Slides games which include animation, here's how you might play them in your online lessons using the 'present' mode.

Playing Google Slides games which do not use animation (e.g. matching games)

For Google Slides games which do not include animation (such as matching games,) here's how you might play them in your online lessons without the 'present' mode.

Managing Your Account

 You can manage the details of your account yourself. Here's what you can do on the account page.

Joining the Facebook Group

 The Facebook group is a super fun place to hang out and talk teaching. Here's how to jump in and join us there!

Using the Lists Feature

 You can save resources to lists to help you in your planning process. Learn how to do that here.

Full Printing, Cutting and Laminating Walk-through

 This video will give you an over-the-shoulder view of how I put together the games – from printing to trimming and what knife to use to how I pack them away for storing.


How to Upgrade Your Subscription to an Annual Plan

 If you joined on a monthly plan to try out the library, but now you want to jump in for the full year, here's how you can change your subscription. (The amount you've already paid will be automatically prorated.)


How to Update Your Credit Card Info (Stripe payments)

 If you paid via Stripe and you want to update your credit card information, here's how you can do it.

How to Update Your PayPal Info

 If you pay via PayPal you will need to update your payments on the PayPal website. Here's what that looks like.

How to Cancel Your Subscription

Thinking of leaving us? Although I'll be super sad to see you go, I understand that sometimes circumstances change. Here's how you can cancel your subscription payments in just a few clicks.