This page includes links to every game on Vibrant Music Teaching, in a suggested order of teaching. Feel free to jump around as it suits you.

If you’re looking to cover a specific concept with your student, you would be better using the library page filters. This option, however, it useful for planning games for each of your students’ lessons or for finding a follow-up game.

You can also download a printable version of the Roadmap by clicking here. Please note that this pdf is updated each month, as new games are added, so you may prefer to use it digitally rather than printing it off each time.

Use these links to jump to a certain level:

Newbie Level

Beginner level

Late Beginner Level (Grade 1)

Early Intermediate Level (Grade 2)

Intermediate Level (Grade 3-4)

Late Intermediate (Grade 5-6)

Early Advanced (Grade 7-8)