Thinking Theory Roadmap – Book 3

Thinking Theory is a comprehensive set of theory workbooks which takes students up to an intermediate or grade 3 standard of music theory. I wrote these books because I was frustrated by the lack of reinforcement in other theory books, and wanted books that were structured for spiral learning so that students really remembered things in the long term.

It only makes sense that we would also use games to get more practice of each topic and interact with them in different ways. I hope these Thinking Theory Roadmaps will be helpful for you in achieving that.

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If you're in the US or Canada and want hardcopy books I recommend ordering from Amazon as the shipping will usually be less that way.

Book 3

Note/Rest Values & Time Signatures {page 1}

Landmark Notes & Note Stems {page 3}

Note Stem Drawing {page 4}

Solfa: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La & Ti {page 6}

Scales: B flat Major {page 12}

Solfa: low so, low la & low ti 17

Scales: A, E & D Natural Minors {page 18}

Grouping Notes & Rests {page 22}

Expression Marks {page 27}

Terms & Symbols {page 29}