Masterclass: Interleaved Teaching: Taking Practice and Lessons to the Next Level

Welcome to this live masterclass!

You might have heard of “interleaved practice”. This is the idea of breaking up your repetitions of various pieces or exercises and layering them for more efficient results.

But I bet you haven’t heard of “interleaved teaching”. That’s a term I coined for teaching in this way so that our teaching can also be more efficient and so that our students can learn interleaved practice by osmosis.

Because it’s all well and good to tell students to do something, but it’s far more powerful to lead by example.

The concept of interleaved teaching is really very simple, but it can provide extraordinary results for students in so many areas such as reading, rote learning, and technique. This workshop will discuss the benefits of interleaved teaching and practice. I’ll give several examples of what exactly this looks like in lessons with real students at different levels

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