London EXPO 2018 Bonuses

Welcome London EXPO teachers! On this page, you’ll find six different games and activities that I talked about in my presentation. I hope you have fun with them. 🙂

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message here.

Sidestep solfa

Sidestep Solfa is great fun at group or individual lessons. Inspired by the famous Bobby McFerrin talk, students hop from side to side to direct the singing. Click here to download this activity.

Legend of the Ledgers is a game you can’t play and not understand the staff fully. Want to put your students to the test? Click here to download the game.

Inversion diversions

If you have kiddos who need to know chord inversions, whether for an exam or for practical application, you need this game. Click here to download Inversion Diversions.

Interval Sprinterval Shminterval

Interval Sprinterval Shminterval is a super fun way to get your students to practice intervals, and focus on the patterns of music. Click here to download it.

Don't minor my major music theory game

Don’t Minor My Major is a fab game for practising minor and major chords. Click here to download the game.

Click here to download the chopsticks and plasticine sheet for ledger lines. This is simply a sheet with the clef and letters to make the staff. Read the original post about it here.