Questions for the Vibrant Music Teaching Podcast

I would love to feature your question on a special Q&A episode of the Vibrant Music Teaching Podcast!

Speak Your Question

You can record your questions using the orange button below directly into your computer or phone. Just press the button and remember to say your name at the start and maybe where you’re from. E.g. I might say “Hey it’s Nicola from Ireland, my question is…”

I look forward to hearing (and answering) your question. 🙂

Write Your Question

Prefer writing to speaking? No worries. You can also fill in this form and if I choose your question I’ll read it myself on the show.

  • Just put a city, country or state (whatever you're comfortable with) so I can give you a shout-out!
  • Feel free to describe a situation with a particular student, or to ask about a more general topic.