Studio Business Cleanse

In this series of online workshops and live discussions we’re looking atyour students, branding, business systems and policies. You’ll also receive worksheets to help you make the most of the experience and get the support of a great community so you can level up your business for next year and achieve that oh-so-elusive work-life balance.

Day 1: Who you’re teaching and why you’re teaching them

Who are your students? What does your average student look like? Who would be your ideal student?

And why are you even teaching them anyway…what’s the point?

We look at all that and more in this first workshop. Make sure to download the worksheets here if you haven’t already so you can work through these questions as you go.

Day 2: What’s your teaching superpower

Knowing what makes you different can change a lot about how you market your studio and all the decisions you make in your business. Let’s find your teaching “superpower”. 🙂

Download the worksheets here if you haven’t yet.