ClickUp Template

Note: You only need this lesson if you’re using ClickUp as your project management tool. If you’ll be using Asana, you can skip this one or just mark it as complete right away.

How to Import the ClickUp Template

These instructions are meant to serve as a brief reminder. For a full run-through, please watch the video above.

  • Set up a free ClickUp account
  • Add a project with your studio name as the title
  • Click the little arrow beside your profile picture in the bottom left corner of the screen
  • Select import/export and add the .csv file you have downloaded
  • Sort by the ID and then select subtasks to assign to the correct task
  • Set the Assignee for all tasks and subtasks
  • Add another project called “To Do” or “Tasks”

Any time you want to use a template, you can duplicate that task and then move it to the Tasks project.