Project Management Software

If you’re interested in learning more about project management tools and why you should use one, you can read this article.

But I know how precious your time is. So let me save you some. 

  • Project management software is important to keep you organised and your systems flowing smoothly.
  • Asana or ClickUp is the best fit for most music studios. 

Let’s weigh up those two tools so you can make a choice and start adding our awesome templates to get you up and running. 

Asana vs ClickUp

All About Asana

Asana is one of the biggest names out there in the project management software world. 

It uses a simple and effective system of projects, tasks and subtasks to keep everything squared away. It’s easy to clone tasks or projects, which saves you time with checklists you need over and over. 

You can also view tasks in many different ways to suit your working style. Here’s the same information in a list, board and calendar. 

You can switch between views like this quickly to see the same tasks in different ways.

Pros of Asana for Music Schools

  • Flexibility provided by calendar, board and list views
  • Simple hierarchy and structure

Cons of Asana for Music Schools

  • Will require some time investment to learn the system
  • Free plan lacks dependencies and some useful due date functions

ClickUp Rundown

ClickUp is the one you’re least likely to have heard of on this list. But it’s coming up fast.

We recently made the switch from Asana to ClickUp for Team VMT. They are very similar tools, but ClickUp has a few additional powerful features which we valued enough to go through the faff of switching over. 

One of the things we love about ClickUp is the ability to change the date of a task and have all its subtasks move by the same number of days. This sounds like a little feature. But if you regularly change deadlines, it takes a lot of clicking to change all those subtask dates in Asana. In ClickUp, we save our mouse fingers.

ClickUp also has more layers than Asana. 

  • Asana has Project ⇾ Section ⇾ Task ⇾ Subtask
  • ClickUp has Space ⇾ Folder ⇾ List ⇾ Task ⇾ Subtask ⇾ Checklist. 

This could be a good thing or a bad thing. More hierarchy means more organisation, but it also potentially means more complexity and learning. 

Finally, since we’re considering free plans only here, ClickUp includes several features at the free level that Asana limits to paid subscribers. Most notably, ClickUp’s free plan includes dependencies and templates. 

Dependencies let you set one task as waiting on or blocking another. So the “Book Venue” task here will not appear on your to-do list until you have confirmed the recital date.

ClickUp dependencies

This is honestly not too big of a deal when you’re working alone. It comes into play much more when you have a team of people working together. 

Pros of ClickUp for Music Schools

  • Well-organised
  • Comprehensive free plan
  • Template system that saves time
  • Different views including boards, calendar and lists

Cons of ClickUp for Music Schools

  • Initial time-investment to learn the software

Which is right for you?

Go for ClickUp if you want the maximum features available on the free plan and the most flexibility. 

If, however, you tend to get overwhelmed by new software, go with Asana. It’s a little simpler and more intuitive to learn and you probably don’t need all the bells and whistles in ClickUp anyway.