Getting started: Interval investigator

Fantastic, I'm excited to help your students with their interval skills through games!

Pick one of these that best describes your student, click through to the game and dive in. 🙂

Complete Beginner

If you want your beginner students to read by interval then one of the first things to do is to make sure they can identify the direction of notes.

The Step Ladder helps them practice this skill, and helps you to see if there might be a confusion or missing link.


Intervals Up to an Octave

Interval Sprinterval Shminterval works two ways to help students go from counting out intervals to identifying the patterns they form on the staff.

Interval Sprinterval Shminterval music theory game

Interval Qualities

Games are not just for beginners! Moja is an advanced interval game that's perfect for your advancing students as they work on identifying intervals as perfect, major, minor, augmented or diminished.

Moja music theory game