Getting started: Rhythm rockstar

Awesome. I'm excited to help your students with their rhythm skills through games!

Pick one of these that best describes your student, click through to the game and dive in. ­čÖé

Just Getting Going

Each Rhythm Vocab card has a one bar/measure rhythm and there are suggestions for some activities to do in the file.

These simple cards are indispensable in my studio. There's so much you can do with them!

Rhythm Vocab 1 music theory game

Not Observing Rests

This is one of those pesky problems that can really grate on your nerves if you're not careful.

Solve it with Rest Savers and have a blast at your next lesson. ­čÖé

Rest savers music theory game

Need Practice with Note Values

Take a Rest works on quavers (eighth notes) and rests and what they really mean in the music. This is a great one for reviewing all note values with late beginners.

Take a rest music theory game

Learning About Time Signatures

Time Signature SNAPPEROO is a super fun way of understanding intermediate time signatures. Your student will get lots of practice with these concepts, and they won't even realise how hard they're working.

Time signature snapperoo