Getting started: Scale star

Wonderful, I'm excited to help your students with their scale skills through games!

Pick one of these that best describes your goals, click through to the game and dive in. 🙂

A fun way to drill a set of scales

Scalesters is just the ticket for drilling scales. It's completely customisable so no matter which scales you're working on, you can make it relevant to your student.


Work on scale patterns on the piano

Sometimes students can play a scale perfectly fine, but when you ask them questions about it, they don't really know what they did.

Signature Sprint works on their understanding of each key so they can apply it in their repertoire.

Signature sprint music theory game

Scale notation on the staff

Scaleverse is a fun way to check in on your students' confidence with scale notation since they need to choose which scale to use and try and stump their opponent.