Getting started: Term Trooper

Lovely, I'm excited to help your students with their theory term and symbol recall through games!

Pick one of these that best describes your student's level, click through to the game and dive in. 🙂

General overview

Pit Stop is a wonderful multi-level term review game that can be used with beginners – late intermediates at the same time. Plus kids love the racecar theme!



Articulation Ivy is not just about naming or explaining articulation marks, students actually need to move in the right way to demonstrate real understanding.


Tempo marks

Tempo marks can be tricky to remember and translate. Metro Gnomes is the perfect way to giggle through all that Italian.

Metro Gnomes Music Theory Game


Informament solves the problem of getting to grips with all the different ornament squiggles. Students must connect the shape, name, meaning and sound in this well-rounded game.