Presto Infatuation

Some students just do not want to slow down! These students don’t understand the value of slow practice, or the beauty of slow pieces.

Presto Infatuation: Aural Storytelling

Children’s imagination is one of the best assets you have an your disposal. Bring your student’s pieces to life with storytelling and get them to “buy in” to any tempo.


  • Listen to very descriptive pieces such as ones depicting animals, weather, or scenery.
  • Discuss how they represented the topic, what articulation, dynamics and tempo were used.
  • Assign more listening assignments and discuss those pieces the following week.
  • Apply this same discussion to your student’s pieces. If it doesn’t have a specific story or topic, make one up together.

Presto Infatuation: Social Proof

Social proof is a great way to get those speedy students on board with slow practice. They might not listen to their teacher, but they might take an example from one of the pianists they’re trying to emulate!


  • Watch a virtuosic performance on YouTube together.
  • Start a discussion about how the practice leading up to that performance might have looked.
  • Demonstrate what that practice might have sounded like.