Start Again Syndrome

Students who play from the beginning every single time will never play the ending of their pieces well, and they won’t be confident picking up after a slip in the middle of the piece.

Start Again Syndrome: At Sixes and Sevens

This cure is a fun (and a little bit sneaky) way to get your students starting from different spots, and practicing the ending more than the beginning.


  • On day 1, split your piece into six sections and write the numbers in pencil on the music.
  • Roll a die and play the section with whichever number it lands on.
  • Write that number in the chart and repeat the process seven times.

Download the At Sixes and Sevens steps and tracking chart by clicking here.

Start Again Syndrome: Back It Up

This requires some resolution! Backing up all the way from the end is the surest way to cure Start Again Syndrome.


  • Play the last bar (measure).
  • Play the last bar and the second last bar.
  • Play the last 3 bars.
  • Continue all the way until the start of the piece.
  • Modify for at home practice by asking your student to back up 2-4 bars at a time, instead of bar by bar.