VMT Roadmap

The roadmap includes everything in the library (updated as new items are added) in a suggested order of teaching.

This is not a prescription or a curriculum. The idea is that if you wanted to use a game every week or so from when a kiddo first starts lessons with you, you could follow this map to review concepts as you go.

There are many ways that the roadmap can be useful, whether you just want a few games that could follow closely after each other, or a series of 10 for a particular student.

Everything is linked up in the roadmap. So if you see something you like the sound of, just click on the title and you'll be taken to the game page.

Thinking Theory

Thinking Theory is a comprehensive set of theory workbooks which takes students up to an intermediate or grade 3 standard of music theory. I wrote these books because I was frustrated by the lack of reinforcement in other theory books, and wanted books that were structured for spiral learning so that students really remembered things in the long term.

It only makes sense that we would also use games to get more practice of each topic and interact with them in different ways. I hope these Thinking Theory Roadmaps will be helpful for you in achieving that.

You can find the Thinking Theory books in the Colourful Keys store. If you're ordering, use the special members' code VMTHERO to get 10% off.

Piano Safari

The Piano Safari Roadmap is designed to specifically match up some of the games to relevant points in the Piano Safari method books, to help you reinforce and preempt concepts as you work through this series.

If you're ordering from the Piano Safari website make sure to use the code VMT10 to get your members' 10% discount!

Piano Pronto

If you're using the Piano Pronto series for some of your students, I hope you'll find this comprehensive set of roadmaps useful.

I have chosen not to include the Finale and Encore books in these Roadmaps as I think students in these books would be better served with specific games based on their interests and things they need to work on, chosen using the filters in the library.

Piano Adventures

Piano Adventures is one of the most popular series out there and if you're using these books I hope this tool will be useful.

As many students graduate out of this series around level 3 this is as far as the Piano Adventures Roadmap will go. From here, it's best to browse the library and look for specific theory topics as and when students need to learn and review them.