Cancelling Mini Musicians


Due to [INSERT REASON] I will be switching to online lessons for most of my students this week. Unfortunately, online lessons are not a viable option for Mini Musicians classes due to the real-time interaction required to sing, clap and play together, so I will have to cancel our classes. I will either refund, credit or make up these classes once [DESCRIBE WHEN.]. (We will work out the best solution depending on when that happens.)

In the meantime, I’m sure you’ll all be going a bit stir-crazy at home so I wanted to send a few ideas to keep the music and movement going!

  • Practice the fingerplays together. You can find the words for these in the folder and videos of the actions on YouTube here.
  • Listen to the music from Carnival of the Animals. Ask your child to guess what the animal is and move around the room like that animal. You can find a playlist on Spotify here or YouTube here.
  • Look up different instruments online and find out how they work.
  • Create your own homemade instruments. (Pinterest is great for ideas here!)
  • Sing songs your child has learned in class…or just sing along to the radio together!

Hope this helps! Stay safe and I’ll get in touch [DESCRIBE WHEN.] 

Warm regards,