Many teachers are shocked when they finally discover that their student is sitting on a footstool or playing a keyboard on a dining room table. Get this out of the way with a quick photo request while they’re still new and buzzing about piano lessons!

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A quick photo request…

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Hi [NAME],

[CHILD NAME] and I talked a lot about posture and getting set up for success every time we sit down at the piano in our lesson today. This sounds like a little detail, but it really affects so much about how we play and the music we create so we have a fun tradition at [STUDIO NAME] of keeping posture pics in our folder as a reminder to keep this solid foundation consistent. 

I’ve put the photo we took at the lesson last week of [CHILD NAME] practising fantastic posture in the practice folder. Here’s a checklist for replicating this setup at home:

  • Relaxed round handshape
  • Sitting up tall on front half of the bench
  • Bench raised so that arms form a right angle when hands are on the keys
  • Feet firmly planted on the floor or footstool

If you could take a photo of this setup at home, I will print that one too so we can keep both together in [CHILD NAME]’s folder to keep this top-of-mind. 

With appreciation,