One of the most important types of emails you can send a parent is a “your child is wonderful!” email after their first lesson. Here I’ve included space for a little video recording but you can swap that out for a different first lesson momento or fun tradition for your studio.

Subject line

Fantastic first lesson!

Email content

Hi [NAME],

[CHILD NAME] had a wonderful first lesson today! [She’s/ He’s] off to a great start with [her/his] technique and already did some beautiful improvisation which you can find an excerpt of in this little video here: 

As far as practice goes, these first few months are all about establishing a daily piano habit which works with your family routine. It can take a while to find the perfect time to fit this in, so here are some suggestions of what has worked for other families:

  • Before breakfast in the morning (good for naturally early-risers!)
  • Directly following their after-school snack
  • As a break in the middle of homework (between English and Maths, for example)
  • While dinner is cooking

If you have any trouble finding something that works for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I can help you troubleshoot. 

With appreciation,