You may need to move this email earlier in your sequence if your studio has some important events earlier in the year, but I prefer to push it into month 2 so that they have time to forget about the calendar that I mentioned at our first meeting before I remind them.

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Our studio calendar

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Hi [NAME],

As you head into the second month at [STUDIO NAME], I wanted to bring your attention to some of the fun events and themes we have coming up during the year so you can add them to your family’s calendar/planner of choice. 

  • Parent ‘Practice & Pie’ Workshop: October 21st
  • Group workshops dates: November 7th, January 14th, March 14th, April 28th
  • Winter recital: January 31st
  • Spring recital: May 23rd

These are all in the studio calendar at the back of [CHILD NAME]’s folder as well.

To sign up for the workshops you’ll need a My Music Staff login which you can set up by clicking here and entering your email. Click here more about how this works.

I send out our student progress updates twice a year: at the end of January and beginning of June. (You’re welcome to email me any time with questions about what we’re working on too, of course!) 

We also have fun studio projects to keep things fresh throughout the year including our November Practice Quest, Creative Christmas Collaboration, the studio composing project in March and our summer camps in July. So much to look forward to!

With appreciation,