Use this template if your studio is currently full so that those who enquire are not waiting around for a reply. Make sure to adjust to include a time estimate which is realistic for your studio.

Subject line

Thanks for applying to join the waiting list

Email content

Hi [NAME],

Thanks for applying to join the waiting list. I appreciate your interest in lessons at [STUDIO NAME].

I will be in touch if I have a suitable opening; however, I would like to caution you that this is quite unlikely to be soon as I am currently fully booked. Sometimes you might get lucky, but you should generally expect to be on the waiting list for at least a year before something becomes available. 

Feel free to look for another teacher in the meantime, as I don’t want to delay your or your child’s musical journey. 

Warmest regards,

[YOUR NAME]PS If you don’t yet have a piano/keyboard at home you might find this guide on how to choose your first piano helpful.