Building Relationships

We’re Still Pouring the Foundations

We’ve talked a lot about building relationships throughout the ‘Know’, ‘Like’ and ‘Try’ phases of the funnel. But, really, all we’ve done so far is prepare the site for foundations. 

Take it from someone who renovated a house with foundation-less extensions: Preparing and laying good foundations is incredibly important. (Yes, they seriously had just poured concrete on the ground in the back garden and then built some walls. The floor was literally sinking down in the middle as if there was an ill-fitting plug in the centre.)

If we stop our marketing efforts here, right after a student has signed up with our studio, we’re missing all the magic. This is where you can really make a difference if you understand the solid-gold marketing funnel. The first few months in your studio can set the stage for a student who stays for 10 years or more – or one who peeters out and disappears after a year or two.

Over to the Robots, Again

We have so much to communicate to new families in our studio:

  • Practice tips and ideas
  • Regular offers of support
  • Home instrument set up
  • Studio events and calendar
  • Missed lesson options

And so much more. You will have communicated the basic facts at your first meeting with the new student and their parent, but it’s hard to take in that much information at once. So, ideally you would remind them via email. The way I see it, we have 3 options here:

  1. Shove it all in one overwhelming and lengthy email that we send to parents when they first join.
  2. Try to remember to email helpful tips as we think of them each week.
  3. Set up a system and let the robots handle it. 

I think you can guess where my vote goes. 🤖Setting up email automation software to send out an onboarding sequence for new students is a great long-term investment in your studio’s marketing systems. I recommend Mailerlite for this and I have a tutorial on how to get it up and running in our Essential Email Templates series. (If you’re already using another app or software that you’re happy with, just go with that! Mailerlite is just a simple and free solution for those who need to get started.)

More to Explore

Mailerlite has some great tutorials on their site here if you want to learn more and see what else this software can do.