Offline Marketing Ideas

So far we’ve focused on web-based marketing options, but offline options can absolutely work too. Here are a few “real life” marketing tactics you might like to try. Take one at a time and use your gut-instinct to decide which might work best for you.


Putting up posters and leaving out flyers might seem old school – but it does still produce great results in some areas. As with all of these other ideas to market your piano studio, you need to test it in your neighbourhood.

I got my very first piano students by dropping leaflets into houses in my neighbourhood. This really doesn’t work very well in my city anymore; people have become desensitised to it. But it might work for you.

You can also try putting up posters in local libraries, daycares, schools, colleges, recreation centres, community centres or local shops. You may even be allowed to put up posters in public areas – just check what’s permitted where you live.


If you perform regularly make sure to take business cards or small flyers with you. You never know who might be there that has always wanted to play piano.

Public student events are another great way to spread the word. Some teachers have recitals in shopping centres, parks or other public spaces. Display business cards and lesson information at any event that you host.


This works especially well for those in small towns. Try to highlight any interesting stories from your studio and send press releases to local newspapers or magazines.

Did your studio raise money for a dog shelter? Did your student win a national award? For a small local newspaper, this might be just what they need to fill an empty spot.

Local Paper/Magazine/Radio Advertising

This is, in my opinion, a marketing option that’s dying off. Advertising like this is a scattergun approach. You’re paying to serve your ads to tons of people – many of whom it will be completely irrelevant to.

Having said that, if you live in a small community and an ad in the local paper is super cheap, go for it. 

Studio Swag

Swag can double up as a bonus for signing up to lessons while spreading the word about your piano studio. Think about what your students and parents are most likely to use – and, more importantly – use in public.

I print new t-shirts for my studio every two years. The kids wear the t-shirts around and about which is great, but my favourite part about this swag is that it looks great in studio photos.

My current studio shirt says “I play piano – what’s your superpower?” which is a great message. Who would want to quit a hobby that gives you superpowers? 😉