The Solid-Gold Funnel

What Most Music Studio Funnels Look Like

Even if you didn’t know about marketing funnels until you started this course, you already have one. It probably looks something like this:

  • KNOW: Parent finds out about you from a friend, Google or a local flyer
  • LIKE: Parent researches other studios too and finds out prices and information and decides you sound pretty good
  • TRY: Parent organises a meeting or trial lesson with you and signs up for a term of lessons

Notice anything missing? I’ve left off the last two stages, Trust and True Fandom, because most studios don’t actively work to cultivate these things. This is a big mistake.

Setting Your Funnel in Gold

Music teaching studios work best when students stay for the long-term. You may have heard the adage that it costs 10x more (or 5x or 7x, a lot of numbers are thrown around!) to get a new customer than to keep an old one. 

As music teachers, we have an even better reason to invest in keeping customers with us for a long time: We want them to learn music. 

Learning to play a musical instrument is hard and it takes years. If we don’t find a way to foster loyalty we are doing them a disservice and we have very little chance of adding another lifelong musician to the world.

That’s why we can’t have a flimsy funnel. We need a solid-gold system that gets even stronger after they’ve already become a student. We need to keep marketing long after the first lesson to build trust and create some true fans who spread the word about our amazing studios.