How to Find Your Superpower

There is no right or wrong way to define your superpower as a music teacher. It could be about anything from your business structure to the pets that hang out at your studio to a passion for teaching the blues. Take a look at these examples and start to let your mind wander to what the idea of defining a superpower might mean to you.

First up is Annalise:

Annalise is a highly energetic teacher who loves teaching with lots of movement. During her lessons she regularly dances with students and runs around the room with her students and she loves teaching them through games. She’s also passionate about improvisation and pop music, but after a brainstorming session she decides that her active teaching style is her real superpower because it enables her to bring music into the lives of children with ADHD and dyslexia who often struggle in school. 

Our next teacher, Bethany, takes a completely different approach:

Bethany takes a look at her student roster and gives each student a number from 1 to 10 to rank how excited she is to teach them each week and how well she feels she connects to them. Through this process she’s surprised to discover that all her “best” students are teens and adults, even though her studio is currently about 60% under 8 year olds. She defines her superpower as helping teen and adult beginner students express themselves through music.

Clarice draws from her experience as a student as her driving force:

Clarice had a very strict musical upbringing. She participated in competitions and festivals from a young age and did very well until the pressure became too much and she had a devastating memory slip on stage. She eventually recovered from her performance anxiety by incorporating improvisation so that she didn’t feel locked into the notes on the page and could tweak her perfectionist expectations of herself. Her superpower is in bringing improvisation back into the classical world and creating a balanced musical journey for her students.

Each one of these three are utterly unique – that’s the point of a superpower! One common thread that you may have noticed, though, is that they all come from a bigger why. 

Superpowers are not about maximising profit or filling your studio fast by choosing the perfect niche market. Make sure you choose something that inspires you or your marketing efforts will be transparent and your results will suffer.

Defining YOUR Superpower

There are thousands of ways to define your superpower and it can evolve over time. This lesson is just about creating your first draft (or your next draft, if you’ve done this before). 

Give yourself some time to work on this. Set aside at least 30 minutes so you can go exploring and follow a few paths until you find something that feels right to you.