First Impressions

You Only Get One Chance

However true or untrue the full version of this old adage is doesn’t matter in our digital age. It’s completely irrelevant whether we can change people’s first impression of us and how difficult that is to do if they’re not going to give us a second look. And most of them won’t.

That’s harsh, but it’s true. Notice your own habits outside of our industry and you’ll see it for yourself. 

Let’s say you’re looking for a recipe. You search for “delicious gluten free nut free sugar free vegan desserts” (your cousin Rainbow is coming over for dinner next week) and click through to a result that looks intriguing with a chocolate pumpkin pie recipe. The page you land on has no pictures and the text is size 10pt. 

What do you do?

You leave

Of course you do. There are so many other options out there, you’re not going to waste your time trying to read this page when you’ve no idea whether it’s even going to be a good recipe since there are no photos. So you leave, and you never come back.

Your Superpower “Power Pose”

Every first impression your business makes should be the equivalent of the opening shot of the movie where we pan past the superhero standing on top of a roof with their hands on their hips, looking off into the distance.

In other words, you need to put your best and truest foot forward. 

The tricky part is, you don’t get to control which foot they see first. They could land on any page on your website or drive past a sign you put up or see a post from a friend about you on Facebook. 

This isn’t like a film that runs from scene to scene. Modern marketing is more like a randomised slide carousel and you don’t get to choose where they begin so you need to make sure every snapshot is set at the perfect aperture.

Throughout this module, we’ll be looking at some of the most common entry points into a studio’s ecosystem and how to optimise them in order to showcase your superpower so that your ideal customer wants to continue the relationship.