Introduction to Modern Music Teaching Studio Marketing

What is marketing, anyway?

When many people hear the word “marketing” they think of “advertising” but marketing is so much more than that. You can also find remote jobs related to marketing. Because marketing is simply how we present our studio to the world.

If you get to grips with modern marketing you will be able to attract the perfect students to your studio so that your studio thrives and we can all, as a teaching community, spread the joy of making music to more people.

Share Generously

Part of engaging with this course is sharing your findings, results and realisations in the comments below the lessons. Don’t skip this part. 

Writing down what you’ve discovered and sharing it on the site helps you to consolidate and commit to what you’re learning. The more you connect and participate here, the more you and other members will get out of the course. This is a community and we’re stronger and better together.

So please, comment and reply generously as you work through the course. 

What You’ll Learn in This Course

This course will help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy which will stand the test of time. If you follow this course to the end, you will:

  • Find your superpower
  • Conquer the modern marketing funnel
  • Consistently make a great first impression that lasts
  • Have a website and social media presence in tip-top shape
  • Learn how to write effectively online and offline
  • Have systems in place to communicate with your studio families
  • Inspire parents to go out and spread the word about your fantastic studio!

If that sounds good, let’s get started.