Your Google Listing

What’s so great about Google?

There’s a reason I have given ‘Google My Business’ a lesson all to itself. Think about the last service you needed to find. Whether it was a new restaurant or a hairdresser or a dentist, what did you do? Did you Google it?

That’s likely to be your potential music parents’ first step, too, and if you want them to consider your studio, you need it to show up when they search for “music lessons yourtown”. 

Your website might show up on the first page if you have it well-optimised, depending on the competition in your area. But there’s normally a more prominent result above any websites when you search for any local business showing you a few options on Google Maps. 

You need a Google My Business listing to show up here, and it’s the easiest way to get in front of potential students/parents without spending a cent. So get one set up using the tutorial below if you haven’t done this yet.