Play with Practice

Practice Plays

Teacher/Student Flip

  1. Choose a Practice Play card and give it to a student who you know can read well.
  2. Sit at your instrument with a short piece on the stand and tell your students that they are all your teachers.
  3. Ask the student with the card for the first instruction.
  4. Claim that you don’t understand and ask another student to explain it to you differently.
  5. Say that you’re starting to get it. Ask another student to explain it to you in another different way. Continue this with as many students as you wish!
  6. Follow the instructions to practice your piece. If there are several steps involved, ask your students for reminders of what’s next each time.
  7. Ask the student with the card for the next instruction and repeat the process of getting other students to explain in their own words.

Student Practice Roundabout

  1. Have each student choose one of the pieces they’re currently practising. Guide them if needed to help them choose a piece appropriate for this strategy.
  2. Read out the first instruction from the Practice Play card and ask each student in turn to complete that step with their piece. (If you are working with one piano, have them line up behind the bench and go to the back of the line when they’ve completed the task.)
  3. Continue until all students have completed the full practice strategy.
  4. Ask each student to summarise the strategy steps in their own words.
  5. If you have extra time you can repeat this process with several Practice Play cards.

2. Practice Hero

  1. Choose a Practice Hero game board and put a counter (eraser, button, etc.) for each student on the “start” spot.
  2. Students take turns to roll the die, move forward and complete the practice task for one of their pieces (or a section of a longer piece.)
  3. Discuss which strategies are a good fit for which types of pieces as they move across the board.