Find Your Next Step

If your studio is full and you’re looking to expand your income, impact or free time, then you have 3 basic options available:

  1. Change lesson formats to group lessons of some description
  2. Rent your studio space to other teachers
  3. Hire other teachers to work for you

All of these will provide you with more income, more students or reduced teaching hours. In this course, we’ll be focussing on a subcategory of the last option.

The mentorship model is about taking on teachers to work for you while also training those teachers and having close oversight over their students. This is a great fit if you like the idea of having a bigger impact beyond the students you can personally teach. 

In other words, if you’ve been staring at a growing waiting list and wishing you could clone yourself, this might be a good option. 

If your primary goal is about making more money, this isn’t the best next step for you. You would be better off either hiring experienced teachers who you won’t need to train and monitor, or else considering group lessons or renting out studio space to independent teachers. 

Finding Your Next Step

This isn’t the kind of life decision you should make based on a 90s style flow quiz…nonetheless it’s a fun place to start the thinking process, so I’ve put one together for you.

Fill in the sections on the second page so you can truly use the quiz as a jumping off point rather than a compass.