Professional Development Opportunities

You may be happy with weekly meetings as your mentee’s training. If you want to go further, it’s all a matter of budgeting from the outset.

Budgeting for Extras

Did you attend a training or course you found transformative? Or read a book which changed the way you thought about pedagogy?

If there’s something outside the scope of the weekly meetings which you want to prioritise, add it to your budget now. Research how much the course, training or other resource costs and go back to plug that number into your pay calculations from module 3. 

Providing them with VMT Access

If you want to provide your teachers with access to Vibrant Music Teaching, you can set up a small school account which gives you up to 10 teacher memberships under your name. Click here to register for the monthly small school membership or here for the annual small school membership.

If you have questions about the way these school accounts work, email support@vibrantmusicteaching.com.