Offering the Position

I recommend you leave at least 3 days between interviewing someone and offering them the position. This will give you some time to fully absorb the interview and think about whether they’re a good fit for the position.

If you have several candidates apply and you’re conducting many interviews, let each candidate know that you’ll decide once the interview phase is over. There’s nothing worse than hearing crickets from your phone and being unsure whether you still have a chance!

Reiterate Expectations

When you do offer them the position, make sure that you clearly outline again what’s involved in this role. 

You can still sound excited in your email or phone call, of course! But don’t miss this opportunity to emphasise the responsibilities they’ll be taking on so that they go into this with open eyes.

Provide a Handbook

I like to give my interviewees access to the handbook before they meet with me, but you can also provide it at this stage. 

Much like studio policies, the handbook will outline how your studio operates:

  • Compensation rates and how they’ll be paid
  • Punctuality expectations
  • Responsibilities outside of teaching
  • Dress code and communication
  • Core studio principles and values

Don’t rely on this document too heavily. It should be considered a backup for things you have already told them in the interview and will tell them again once they commence working with you.

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