Monitoring Their Students

Do you remember our goals from the beginning of the course?

  • Goal 1: To provide training for teachers
  • Goal 2: To provide great music education for all our students
  • Goal 3: To run a profitable studio

We need to follow through on that second goal. This isn’t all about the mentees; it’s about their students too. And if we’re going to provide a great music education for all our students, we need to stay up-to-date on how they’re progressing.

Reports and Updates

I provide progress updates to parents in my studio each January and May. For my mentee teachers’ students, these are drafted by them first. We then discuss and edit them together before sending them to parents. 

Videos and Visits

Observing your teachers in action is key to your ability to help them improve. It’s one thing to hear from them about their students and answer their questions – but there are always going to be some things they don’t even know to ask.

If you’re not teaching at the same time as your teachers, you may be able to visit their lessons from time to time. Let them know when you’ll be there so it never feels like a pop quiz.

Videos can be even more useful as you don’t need to be available when their lessons are happening. A video camera is also usually less distracting to the student than someone extra sitting in the corner. Just make sure you have permission from the teacher and student/parent before videoing any lessons.

Group Workshops

If you conduct any group workshops in your studio, this can be a fantastic opportunity to observe your teacher’s students. I’ve caught many technique issues early on because I was able to make a note during a group improvisation session at a workshop.

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