Transitions to New Teachers

Keep it Positive

When you’re telling your studio families that they’re going to be changing teachers, stay focussed on the upsides. Talk about why this new teacher is going to be a great fit for them and try can tell them a fun fact or two to get the kids excited to meet them. You can also assure parents that you know exactly where the student was and you’ll work closely with the new teacher so their progress won’t skip a beat.

Make it Seamless

One of the enormous benefits of the mentorship model is that you already know the ins and outs of what makes each student tick and their strengths and weaknesses. 

Fill the new teacher in on anything that will help them spark a great relationship with the new student. Have them focus on lots of fun and creative activities for the first few lessons so that they can build rapport quickly. 

It’s still a new student-teacher relationship, and it will take time to build. But with your help, it should go pretty smoothly.