Mentorship Model Overview

In Module 6, we will go into full detail on exactly how I train my mentees on a week-to-week basis. For now though, I want to give you a quick bird’s-eye view of the mentorship program before we dive into the business nitty gritty.

Planning Lessons

 I believe the best way for any teacher to learn is to follow this pattern:

Plan – Teach – Reflect – Repeat. 

That’s why I recommend planning all lessons with your mentee teachers. How these lesson plans look will depend on your personal style as well as theirs, but planning is an essential part of this iterative learning process.

Troubleshooting Together

Part of the power of the mentorship model comes from the unpredictability of students. So many different issues and questions come up as part of our teaching that we couldn’t possibly think to cover in advance but that our experienced teacher brains know how to handle by instinct. 

You will be your mentee teacher’s place to turn when their student just isn’t getting something or there’s a funny technique issue that has them scratching their head.

Student Guardianship

Remember goal number 2 from our last lesson? We’re not just in this to help teachers. We also want to  provide a great educational experience to each and every student that comes into our studio.

I consider every student in my studio to be under my care. They’re not divided into “my students” and “the other teacher’s students”. They are all my students and I’m ultimately responsible for the education they receive. 

That’s why I want to know at all times where each student is up to and what their strengths and challenges are. They may not know me as well as they know their main teacher – but I know them very well.