Scheduling Their Students

After all that, we’re finally ready to fill their schedule! Hooray!

Take out your favourite scheduling tool (whether post-its, a spreadsheet or a big whiteboard) and let’s get to work.

New Students & Waiting List

If you’re keeping all or most of your current students, your mentee teacher is probably going to be drawing students from your waiting list. 

As you approach each family, make sure it’s clear that these lessons won’t be with you – but present it as an exciting opportunity for them. You’re now able to offer them a place even though you’re fully booked, and they’ll get the same fantastic lesson experience which attracted them to you in the first place.

Once you’ve made it clear that you won’t be their teacher and why this is a positive, everything else should look the same as any other student. You should organise a meeting with the prospective family, do a studio tour and explain the ins and outs of running your studio. 

Switching Current Students Over

The stickier wicket is if you want to switch some of your students over to the other teacher. Be as honest as you can about the “why” while avoiding apologies. Simply explain that you’re no longer able to offer lessons on Saturdays, but Angie will be delighted to pick up where you left off. 

As with the new students, reassure them that they’ll still get the same wonderful style of teaching they did before – just with a new face.

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